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What We Do

  • GINPHED Poultries specializes in the rearing of chickens for the production of meat and eggs. Our birds are reared using global best practices in the field, with full compliance to the Standard Organizational Practices. We ensure that our poultry products first meet all quality control criteria before being passed into the market. GINPHED Poultries presently has over 16,000 laying birds in perfect state of health.


  • GINPHED Fisheries specializes in breading catfish to meet market demands. Our hybrid species are raised in well-constructed ponds under the best aquatic conditions that produces large healthy fishes at very good prices. To guaranty the quality of our stock, we operate a standard well-maintained hatchery where fingerlings are produced for breading and for sale to other farms. GINPHED Fisheries thus provides fingerligs, juveniles, table size, and brood stock, meeting your need at every point.


  • GINPHED Oil-palm specializes in growing palm trees from the nursery stage to fruition. We currently have about 260 acres of hybrid palm trees. Some of Nigeria's finest palms are grown in Cross River State, and some of Cross River's finest palms are grown at GINPHED. Great care is taken by our professional agriculturists to nurture our palms under the best conditions that guaranty high quality kernels.  


  • GINPHED Drilling specializes in drilling of boreholes with the use of ultra-modern drilling rigs that are highly suited for boreholes of various depths and diameters in vast terrains where drilling might be considered almost impossible. Our various drilling services can suit both domestic and industrial purposes at very considerable cost. You can contact GINPHED Drilling for a no-obligation quotation that would cover your specified needs.


  • GINPHED Alternative Energy provides alternative power and energy sources by harnessing both solar and agricultural wastes into electricity for household use and agro-processing.


  • GINPHED Consultancy Services provides professional consultancy to individuals and organizations in various capacities. Our wealth of experience, wide scope of research, and immense depth of  learning, which has kept us ahead for over a decade, is made available to other professionals by our expert consultants. Our consultancy services presently cover poultry farming, fish farming, grass cutter farming, and efficient farm management and administration. You can join the growing list of clients who have so greatly profited from GINPHED Consultancy.